DC5 Honda Integra Type R Features

k20a-engineThe DC5 K20A Type R engine combines the high-rev intake exhaust valve timing and lift variability of Vtec technology with VTC (variable timing control) to achieve a maximum power output of 220ps. Short single-passage isometric intake manifold ensures excellent intake inertia even at high engine speeds. Connecting rods and a high-rigidity crankshaft are fashioned from high-strength materials. The K20A Type R engine is approximately 10kg lighter than the B18C Type R engine.

A newly developed close ratio 6 Speed manual transmission uses multiple synchronizing cones for all gears, including a triple-cone synchronizer in 1st and 2nd gears and a double-cone synchronizer in 3rd through 6th gears.

An ultra lightweight forged chrome molybdenum steel flywheel and torque induction type Helical LSD is installed.

Chassis design includes front toe control link strut suspension and rear reactive link double wishbone suspension. Front lower arms and rear brake calipers fashioned from aluminum and lightweight wheels contribute to lightened under-spring mass. Front brakes have been jointly developed with Brembo. Bending rigidity has been improved by 35% and torsional rigidity by 116% compared to the DC2 Honda Integra Type R.

The DC5 Honda Integra Type R is equipped with a front spoiler, side sill trim rear underskirts, and a tailgate spoiler.

dc5 pedalsOther DC5 Honda Integra Type R features including Recardo front bucket seats, a leather wrapped Momo steering wheel, a specially designed gauge cluster, and step trim. Pedal pads, foot rest, shift knob, side-brake lever, and decorative console paneling are made of light weight aluminum materials.